pH Probe Instructions

Dr. Anderson may order this test to see if acid is coming up to your throat and contributing to your problem. The test is minimally invasive and consists of a small acid sensor on the tip of a tiny wire that you will wear in your nose for 24 hours. The sensor will rest at the back of your nose and top of your throat, but you will not feel it in your throat or when you swallow.

The nurse will spray your nose with a decongestant and a numbing spray. Once your nose is numb the nurse will slip the wire in your nose and check your throat to ensure the wire is in the correct spot. The wire will be taped to your cheek and neck.

You will carry a pager with you during the study, which will be explained to you at your visit. You will be given a food diary to record everything that you eat and drink during the study. If this test is being done while you are taking your usual reflux medicine, please write down the time that you take your medicine. If you do not know whether you should be taking your acid medicine or not, check with your doctor or their nurse. If you are having the test performed without acid medication, please follow the instructions below:

You will need to start tapering off acid reflux medication two weeks prior to the probe insertion.

Week 1: Take acid reflux medication every other day for one week.

Week 2: No acid reflux medication for one week

You may take Tums, Zantac, Maalox, Pepcid AC or any other over the counter reflux medication up until the day before the test, IF NEEDED.