Speech & Language Therapy

A certified Speech and Language pathologist (CCC-SLP) is critical to the multidisciplinary team approach to the patient with voice and swallowing disorders. The speech pathologist works with the otolaryngologist/laryngologist to determine causes of vocal damage, document accurately voice changes, provide therapy recommendations, and assist in the care of the voice patient.

The training of the Speech Language Pathologist allows them to help the laryngologist with voice and swallowing evaluations in the clinic. Discussing vocal habits and vocal use during employment as well as the special vocal needs of each patient is part of the speech pathologist’s evaluation. Computerized voice analysis which gives an accurate acoustic “fingerprint” of the voice from visit to visit is crucial to document improvement or to point out areas that need further work. Speech pathology involvement in the patient with a swallowing disorder is necessary to determine the exercises that will be helpful during rehabilitation and develop a comprehensive treatment plan for the fastest recovery.

A.GalatasAngie Galatas MA, CCC-SLP works in tandem with Dr. Anderson to provide the most comprehensive, patient-centered care available to the patient with voice and swallowing disorders. She has a special interest in adult voice disorders and is certified in FEESST, or flexible endoscopic swallowing evaluations with sensory testing. This test is crucial for the patient with dysphagia, or swallowing problems. She also is certified in stroboscopy to evaluate the vocal fold anatomy and motion. She is a delightful addition to the Voice Center team and has worked alongside Dr. Anderson since 2012.