Voice Restore

Voice Restore: A New Laser Procedure Can Improve Hoarseness and “Smoker’s Voice”

  • Are you tired of not sounding like your “old self”?

  • Do friends and colleagues ask you if you are sick when you are not?

  • Have you decided to quit smoking but still sound like you are a smoker?

A new laser procedure exists that can tighten up swollen vocal cord tissue that is damaged from overuse, smoking, or vocal cord trauma. This procedure restores the ability of the tissue to vibrate, improving the voice and cleaning up the sound and does not damage the delicate skin of the vocal cord. This outpatient procedure provides for excellent voice improvement with little “down time” or lifestyle interruption.

If you think that any of the above symptoms sound like you, Dr Mary Es Andersonand the Texas Center for Voice can help you. Call 713.791.9363 today to make an appointment to have your voice evaluation and exam to see if this new procedure is right for you.