Frog in Your Throat

The phrase “a frog in my throat” often describes a sensation of thick mucus that can coat the vocal cords, causing a rough voice and a sensation of needing to clear the throat or cough often. Sometimes it means a sensation that there is something stuck in the throat. Many conditions can cause a sensation of mucus in the throat. Allergies, reflux, viral and bacterial infections, exposure to dust and fumes, and drying medications are some of the causes. Chronic inflammation in the sinuses, back of the nose or throat, or in the larynx can cause the normal mucus glands of the throat to increase in number and secrete more mucus. Occasionally a swallowing or neurologic problem will cause build-up of saliva and lead to this sensation of thick mucus.

Frog in the Throat?

A complete evaluation of the head and neck including sinuses, nose, mouth, and throat is necessary to begin on the road to a solution. Other tests such as allergy testing, reflux testing, or bloodwork for infection may be necessary to accurately diagnose what is causing this sensation. The good news is, most of the time this issue can be corrected!