Voice & Hoarseness

For all of us, the voice is how we interface with the world around us, whether it is socially or professionally. Every person needs to be able to project the voice for normal communication and to modulate the voice for expression of meaning. There are many states that can disrupt the normal voice. Sometimes this disruption is a simple annoyance, and other times it is a devastation that affects relationships and causes disabling issues with jobs. Vocal problems can be frustrating, depressing, and can cause isolation.

Dr. Anderson's desire every day is to help restore you to a normal functioning voice so that you can pursue your dreams, whatever they are. In this website you will be able to learn about some of the more common problems that affect the voice as well as a little bit of what to expect from an evaluation when you need help from us with your voice problem. "I hope that we can help you to become a better you vocally so that you can express yourself," Dr. Anderson said.  "Because your voice matters!"