Nodules (Singer’s Nodes)

What Are Singer's Node?

Nodules are callouses on the middle edge of the vocal cord. They come from excessive or harsh voice use, raising the voice repeatedly, or “over singing.” They can cause the vocal cords to become stiff and can interfere with the free vibration and closure of the vocal cords. Changing the vocal habits as well as resonant voice therapy can help nodules to resolve Often times, depending on the mirror or camera used to view the vocal folds, small polyps or cysts can appear similar to nodules if they are on both sides; however, for polyps and cysts surgery is usually necessary.

A high definition stroboscopy system such as the Kay Pentax system used at the Texas Center for Voice & Swallowing can tell the difference between nodules, polyps and cysts and help the laryngologist to better guide appropriate therapy.