What Can I Expect From My Voice Visit?

I have a voice appointment scheduled.  Now what?

Because voice problems can be complicated, you may have many assessments during your visit in order to arrive at the correct diagnosis or to follow your progress in the most timely and accurate manner. Please allow time for us to thoroughly assess you. For an initial visit, we do not recommend you schedule any other commitments for two hours after your appointment time. You should not eat anything heavy before your appointment.  Assessments during your visit will include vital signs (weight, blood pressure, and pulse) as well as a general ear nose and throat exam and may include a computerized acoustic analysis of your voice (to measure your voice function), a visit with our speech pathologist to discuss your vocal problems and assess vocal habits,  a videostroboscopic exam of your larynx, a breathing test to assess your lung function (as the lungs power the voice), blood testing, or x-ray tests (radiographic studies). Not every problem will require all of these tests as everyone is different.

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