What Can Be Done for Swallowing Problems?

The most important thing first is to find out what part of the swallow is affected. For throat weakness, certain exercises (swallowing therapy) can strengthen muscles. Strategies can be taught and used during the swallow to help food to go down the right way. For a tight upper esophagus, balloon dilation can stretch fibrotic muscle or scar to allow for a larger passage for food. Botox injection may also be used for this muscle when it is not relaxing/opening properly. Special endoscopic surgery for the throat can be performed to correct diverticulae or to remove obstructing growths. Your doctor will propose a treatment strategy which may incorporate several different types of recommendations to improve your swallowing.

Can my feeding tube ever come out?

When you are taking enough calories by mouth to maintain a good body weight and keep protein, nutrients, and calories coming to your body, the doctor will give permission for the feeding tube to be removed. Normally feeding tubes are removed by the same doctor that inserted them, as they all are different and have different retaining mechanisms.